Huge 4x4 off-road BUGGY RC0569

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Fantastic vehicle for special tasks. The 4x4 off-road buggy will bring a lot of joy to both small and slightly larger children.
The vehicle is made of high-quality materials, aesthetically and with attention to detail. The buggy has two independent, powerful engines mounted directly on the axles of the vehicle, thanks to which the center of gravity is low, which in practice is important during climbs and descents.
Attention is drawn to the large wheels with Jumbo TPR tires and shock absorbers, which improve traction and facilitate overcoming obstacles. The high suspension and high efficiency of the engine will make the vehicle easy to handle off-road. An additional attraction is the glowing front lights while driving. Thanks to the large capacity of the battery, the playing time is about 1 hour (the operating time of the car depends on the conditions in which it is used).
The vehicle may climb inclines from a maximum gradient of 45 °.

The most important features that distinguish the model:
- 1:10 scale,
- 4WD (four-wheel drive),
- shock absorbers on each wheel,
- wide, large rubber wheels with a tread,
- glowing front lights,
- light body,
- remote control with an ergonomic shape,
- strong battery pack.

- car,
- 2.4 GHz remote control,
- USB 8.4 V 250 mAh charger,
- LJ 8.4 V 1000 mAh battery,


The functions of the 2.4 GHz remote control allow you to fully control the vehicle:
- left turn
- right turn
- driving forward
- reverse driving.

Car dimensions:
length approx. 46 cm
width approx. 27 cm
height approx. 24 cm

Wheel dimensions:
diameter approx. 13 cm
width approx. 5 cm

Technical data:
- 1:10 scale
- driving time 40-60 min
- charging time about 4-6 hours
- 2.4GHz frequency
- 4WD drive (4 wheels)
- car power supply: 8.4 V 1000mA battery (included)
- remote control power supply 4 x AA batteries (not included)

RC vehicles allow you to develop skills such as driving a car, concentration, manual skills, speed of thinking, agility and cleverness. The Off-road car will provide many hours of unforgettable fun for every fan of R / C cars. The set is packed in a very nice colorful box, perfect for a gift. A very maneuverable car model will be a great gift and will allow every child not only to have a great time driving their car, but also will be an excellent training of concentration and manual skills.


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Huge 4x4 off-road BUGGY RC0569

Huge 4x4 off-road BUGGY RC0569

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