Naplamki Iron-on transfers for clothes Block OZ0004

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Naplamki are a set of great, colorful iron-on transfers. Together with Naplamki, we will creatively decorate children's and teenagers' clothes. Their various patterns and sizes as well as interesting graphics will give the things character, color and uniqueness. Most importantly, thanks to their properties, Napkins are great for masking a stain or a small hole, they will save children's favorite clothes that have been accidentally stained.
You can create your own style with embossing and decorate not only clothes (sweatshirts, jackets, pants, etc.), they will work wherever you can iron them, e.g. on a backpack, pencil case, shoe bag, etc.

Naplamka is a person for:
- creative self-expression through decorating clothes
- masking spots and small holes
- playing with the child
- marking clothes for kindergarten, school
- smart saving and being zero waste

Dimensions of 1 stain approx .: 5 x 5 cm
Sheet dimensions: 30 x 20 cm

How to use napkins?
1. Cut out the chosen spot.
You can easily cut the sheet in front of you with scissors. Be careful not to damage yourself or other stains - they could get angry.
When cutting, try to keep a bit of the transfer foil around - so you have something to catch when you peel it off.
2. Select and check the ironing place.
This is the moment when you can judge whether Naplamka fits here and whether it will completely cover the stain? Take your time - it's a lifetime decision.
The place for the Naplamka can be ironed beforehand so that there are no creases or possible moisture.
3. Ironing.
Turn off the steam function and do not move the iron horizontally. Set the iron to 150-180 ° C (2 - 3 dots) and hold it on for about 10-15 seconds, pressing lightly. Take it easy Naplamka is temperature resistant. To be sure, the operation can be repeated.
4. Tear off the transfer film.
When the naplamka cools down, you can slightly lift the transfer foil and check if it sticks well. If everything is OK - tear off the foil from the entire label.
If the imprint stays on the foil - try to iron it again. Perhaps a higher temperature will be needed.
5. Done!
Your favorite thing has just been repaired and it shines like new. Admire the effects of your work :)

Spots are great fun and a great way to decorate clothes.

We make life easier for parents;). More colorful Naplamek sets can be found in the Jokomisiada store.


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Naplamki Iron-on transfers for clothes Block OZ0004

Naplamki Iron-on transfers for clothes Block OZ0004

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