TUBAN SAND DYNAMIC set with a bucket ZA4178

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DYNAMIC SAND - BEACH SET WITH A PILE is another proposition of the well-known and popular Tuban brand. Dynamic sand (also known as kinetic sand) is sand with special properties that keep it in constant motion. Its consistency causes it to flow freely through your fingers when placed in your hand.
Colorful dynamic sand can be used at any time, it is suitable for playing at home, kindergarten and school. The sand flows but does not scatter - so it can be shaped and easy to collect after the game is over. It is reusable - it does not harden and dry out, it retains its properties for a long time. Most importantly, it does not stain the hands and is 100% safe.
Every child likes to play in the sandbox, and the magical sand play will provide a lot of fun and joy. 5 colors of sand: pink, purple, green, blue and natural, and 4 molds in the shape of: shell, duck, star and turtle - will allow you to create lots of colorful sand sculptures. With such a set, you will definitely have fun ideas.

Set contains:
- bucket
- mold 4 pcs.
- colored sand 4 x 200g
- natural sand 700g

Advantages of dynamic sand:
- beautiful vivid colors
- does not fall apart
- reusable
- hypoallergenic and safe for small children
- does not get your hands dirty

Playing with sand has a positive effect on the child's development. Play stimulates creativity and imagination, and manual work and exercises develop small motor skills in a child. Its special structure and plasticity make it very pleasant to touch. Shedding sand in your hands is relaxing and de-stressing. In addition, while playing, the child must focus on the activity being performed - which has a calming effect.

The set is packed in a yellow bucket, it will be perfect as a birthday, Santa Claus or other occasion gift.
Jokomisiada offers a wide selection of creative play sets. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.


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TUBAN SAND DYNAMIC set with a bucket ZA4178

TUBAN SAND DYNAMIC set with a bucket ZA4178

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